Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keith Garvey - Steam Punk Junk Tut

Supplies:  Mask of choice or Sabine's mask 02 that  I used from HERE

Tube of choice or the one I used by Keith Garvey called Dancer which you can purchase HERE

I used a fabulous PTU scrapkit called  KSSteampunk Junque which you can purchase HERE

Font of Choice.
I used Celtic Hand

Ok, let's get started.  Open your supplies.
Open a new canvas 600 x 600, flood fill with white. 
Go to layers, add a new raster layer.
Open paper of choice, I used paper 11, Shift D, x out the original.
Back to your new raster layer, go to selections, select all, copy the paper
Go to edit, and paste it into selection, go to selections, select none.

Next go to layers, new mask layer from image, click ok, merge group.

The rest of the tag is a matter of adding your elements of choice, resizing them, and positioning them.
Make sure when you open each element you Shift D to duplicate the elements and x out the originals.
You can look at my tag for positioning or go your own way.

I used the following elements.
Pocket Watch 1 - Resize 60%
Old Book 1 - Resize 80%
Twig Bundle 1 - duplicate, mirror
Cogs 1 - mirror
Dried Roses - Resize 60%, duplicate, mirror
Drape - Resize 60%, duplicate, mirror, position
Cello 1 - Resize 75%
Silk Flower 1 - Resize 50%

add your tube of choice.
Make sure you add your license number and copyright.

I used dropshadow of  V = 2,  H = -2,  O = 40,  B = 3.00 with color black.
on all the elements and tube.

For the font, I used a drop shadow of V 3, H -3, O 50, B 5.00 with color black.

Thanks for trying this tut, I hope it was easy to use.
Hugs, Iris (Buzzy)

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