Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ismael Rac ~ Yellow & Mellow Tut

This is the first tut I have written so if I make any mistakes, please forgive me.

I used the fabulous artwork of Ismael Rac, tube is called June.  You must have a license to use his work and you may purchase the tubes here.

I used Artmama's Mask 08

Scrapkit is a PTU kit called Yellow & Mellow, I bought at Scrappin Dollars, it's by Cindy of Puddicat Creations.

I used a FTU font called Saginaw, set on bold.

Here goes

Open a new 600 x 600 transparent canvas.  Flood fill with white.
Open up frame 3, shift d, Close the original frame.  Copy and paste as a new layer, resize 80 %.
I positioned mine up a little bit on the canvas. 
Click inside the frame with the magic wand, go to selections and modify and expand by 3.
Open paper2, shift D, close the original paper, resize to 600 x 600, copy and paste it as a new layer, move it up so you can see some of the tree line.  Selections, invert, tap delete key.  Select none.
Move the frame above the paper layer.

Go back to the frame layer and click inside with the magic wand again, go to selections, and  modify, expand by 3.
Open the tube you are using, shift d, close the original, copy and paste your tube as a new layer, position it where you want it, then duplicate the tube layer and close out the duplicate layer.  Go back to the original tube layer and selections, invert, tap delete.  Move the frame layer up above that tube layer so it is between the two tube layers. Highlight the top duplicated tube layer, un x it and erase any parts you do not want showing. 

Open the treestumps element, shift d, close the original - resize 75%, move it down on top of the white bottom layer.
Open element bird 2, shift d, close the original - resize 30%, copy and paste where you want it.
Open flower 10, shift d, close the original - resize 60%, duplicate, mirror, & position.
Open element leaves 5, shift d, close the original - resize 60%, duplicate, move one layer of leaves down to the white bottom layer, go back to the top leaves layer and erase what you don't want showing.
Open Element flower 7, shift d, close the original - resize 40%
Open element leaves 6, shift d, close the original - resize 80%, position, duplicate, mirror and use deform to position to your liking. 
Open element bird 1, shift d, close the original - resize 20%, mirror & position.

Highlight your bottom white layer, go to layer, new raster layer, selections, select all
Open paper 9 or whichever one you want to use for your mask layer, shift d, close the original, edit, copy and paste into selections, select none.
go to layers, new mask layer and if using the mask I used, tick Invert Mask data cause this mask has a white background.  Apply and then merge group.

Add your copyright.  I save all my tags as blanks with no names on them as a psp image and then I x out the bottom white layer and I merge visible and save it as a png to use for tags in groups.  I hope this tut was easy to use and explained correctly.  Thanks for trying it.  Hugs, Iris

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