Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PTU - Angel Eyes

Mask of Choice
Tube of choice, I used a tube by Jose Cano which can be purchased

I used an awesome scrapkit called a Bit of Romance
which can be purchased  at Scrappin Dollars HERE

Open a new canvas 600 x 600.  Flood fill with white.
Open Paper 2 and shift d to duplicate, x out the original.
Go to edit, copy, and on your canvas go to edit, paste as a new layer.
Now we will do the mask layer.
Layers, new mask, from image, click ok,
on layers palette, click merge, merge group.

Open frame 4 - shift d to duplicate, x out the original.
resize 500 x 600 pixels using smart size.
edit, copy, and then on canvas, edit paste. Position.
Click inside the frame with your magic wand, go to selections,
modify and expand by 5.  Open Paper 10 and shift d to duplicate,
x out the original and go to edit copy, and paste as a new layer.
Paste a close up tube of choice now too and
Go to selections, invert, tap delete, highlight the paper layer
tap delete again, go to selections, select none. 
Move the frame layer above the paper & tube layers.
Dropshadow the frame and tube. I used 2, -2, 40, 3.00.
Highlight your tube layer and to to layers, duplicate.
On the duplicated layer, go to adjust, blur, gaussian blur, 3.00 %
In the layers palate properties, blend mode, soft light.
On the original tube layer, palate properties, blend mode, Luminance (Legacy)
Erase part of the string on top of the frame if it sticks out.
Open the Veil, shift d to duplicate, x out the original
copy and paste it on the frame, resize 60%.
Don't dropshadow the veil.

For the rest of this tag it's a matter of opening elements, shift d to duplicate
and x out the originals, resize and dropshadow. 2 -2, 40, 30

Red Window - copy & paste, duplicate and mirror, then duplicate again.  Merge these 3
layers together and position on canvas.
Fence 2 - copy & paste & postion above the merged windows
Arbor - copy & paste above the fence.
Vase - copy & paste and resize 65%
Cluster - copy & paste on arbor and resize 80%
Trunk - copy & paste & resize 20%
Violin - copy & paste & resize 65%.
Metal Flower the red one, copy & paste
Mood Lighting - copy & paste and resize 65%
Flower 1 - copy & paste, position behind the vase, erase
any of the stem that is sticking out.
Butterfly - copy & paste and resize 15%, duplicate & mirror
copy & paste the butterfly again and resize 20% & mirror.

Use my tag to arrange all your layers, add your copyright
and you are done, you can save as a psp image in case
you want to make changes,  I then x out the white background,
and merge visible and save as png.  I save that as a blank for
adding names to.  Hope this tut was easy to follow.
thanks, hugs Iris

Monday, September 6, 2010

PTU - Dusky Night Tutorial

Tube of Choice - I used a tube by Jennifer Janesko which you can purchase at CILM HERE

I used a PTU Scrapkit called Dusky Night which you can purchase HERE

Mask 41 by WSL which you can get HERE

Font of Choice - I used Satisfaction. HERE

Open a new canvas 575 x 575 or size of choice.
Flood fill with white.
Open flower frame 4, shift D to duplicate, x out the original.
Edit, copy the paper, then on canvas go to edit, paste.  Resize 90%.
Use your magic wand and click inside the frame, make sure you get
the two small bits too by holding down on your shift key and
clicking in each spot with the magic wand.
Go to selections, modify, expand by 3.
Open paper 14, shift D to duplicate, x out the original.
Copy and paste it as a new layer, do not de-select yet.
Open your tube of choice, shift D to duplicate, x out the original.
Copy and paste tube onto canvas above the paper layer, position
where you want it, add a drop shadow of 2: -2; 30: 3.00. 
Then go to layers, duplicate and close the tube copy in your palette. 
Highlight your paper layer, go to selections, invert
tap the delete key, then highlight the open tube layer, tap delete, go
to selections, select none.  Move your frame above the paper and
tube layer that is open.  Open or un x your top tube layer.  Now
carefully erase what you don't want showing. 
Dropshadow your frame. 2; -2, 40, 3.00.
On the paper layer I used Effects, Blinds with these settings:
Width 5, Opacity 30, tick both boxes, Horizontal & Light
from left top.  Color Black.

Next highlight your bottom white layer.
Go to layers, new raster layer.  Go to selections, select all.
Now open paper 8 or paper of choice, shift D to duplicate, x out
the original.  Go to edit, copy and then on your canvas, go to edit,
paste into selection, then go to selections, select none.
Next go to layers, new mask from image, locate your mask layer,
then create mask from Source Luminace, no ticks in the invert
mask data if using WSL mask.  Click OK.
Go to your layers palatte, right click on the mask and from
the drop down menu box, click Merge Group.

The next part is adding the elements.  For each element Shift D to
duplicate and X out the originals.  Add a drop shadow of
2; -2, 30, 3.00 to all except the glitter butterflies, no DS on them.
When I say copy and paste to canvas, I assume you will know
to go to edit, copy the element, then on the canvas, edit, paste as a new layer.

Sunflower 1, resize 20%, copy & paste to canvas, position, DS
Sunflower 2, resize 25%, copy & paste to canvas, position DS
Pretty Butterfly 1 and 2, resize 20%, position, DS
Rose 3 & 4, resize 40%, copy & paste to canvas, position
under the sunflower layers.
Bug 4, resize 15%, Image, Rotate, free rotate 45% to the left.
Heartflower 1, resize 25%, copy and paste as a new layer
on the frame to the right, below the top tube layer.
Gttrbutfly 1 & 2, resize 10%, no DS
copy and paste them to canvas, position.

Add your copyright and save.
I save one copy in PSP form in case I need to make changes.
To save as a PNG, x out the bottom white layer, right click
on the top layer and merge visible.
You can then add your name to it and save.

Hope you enjoyed this tut.
Hugs Iris