Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jose Cano - Last Word FTU Tut

Supplies:  FTU Scrapkit by Gothic Inspirations called Timeless Romance HERE

Font of Choice:  I used Caribbean Caps which you can get free HERE

Drop shadow throughout with V 2, H -2, Opacity 40, Blur 4.00

Open canvas 600 x 600.  Flood fill with white. 

Open Element GI Mesh - Shift D, x out orignal.  Copy and paste onto canvas.  Resize 85%.  Adjust, Blur, Blur More. 

Open Element GI Doodle - Shift D, x out original.  Copy & paste above the mesh layer, resize 85%.
I then colorized it with a Hue of 0 and Saturation 184.  To do this you go to Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Colorize - put 0 in Hue box and 184 in Saturation box, click ok. I then went to Adjust, Blur, Blur More.

Open Element GI Crystal Ball - Shift D, x out original.  Copy & paste above the doodle layer. Resize 80%.

Open Element Foliage - Shift D, x out original.  Copy & paste, sharpen, duplicate 2 times, mirror one layer.

I next typed out Last Word with Caribbean Caps Font size 68, stroke 3.0, no bold, foreground white, background black.  Drop Shadow with V2, H-2, O40, B4.00.
Go to effects, Inner Bevel with the following Settings
Smoothness - 3     Angle 315
Depth - 2      Int. - 30
Amb. 0     Elev - 50
Shine - 30
Width - 12
Color Red 881816

Open Element - GI Heart 2 - Shift D, x out original, copy and paste onto canvas, resize 75%.  Position.
Open Element - GI Candle - Shift D, x out original, copy  & paste onto canvas, resize 90%, position.

Open tube of choice, Shift D, to duplicate, x out original, copy and paste above all other elements.  Add a
small dropshadow to all elements and tube.  Add your copyright and license number, name and save.

I save one copy as psp image without any names added and then i x out the background layer, and merge visible and save as png for using to add names to for groups.  Hope this was an easy tut to follow.  Thanks for looking.

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