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FTU Tut - PFD Exclusive Siggy Set

Aug. 19th

PFD Exclusive Siggy Set

Thanks for dropping by.  I made a siggy set using an
exclusive tube from Pics For Design HERE and a FTU scrapkit by Kristin
called No More Drama. HERE I hope you can understand these instructions, I will
try and make them as easy as possible to follow, explaining each step as
much as possible.  Have fun.

Open a blank image 600w x 250h, flood fill with white.  I also work on the
avatar the same time as the siggy so you can also open an image 150 x150,
flood fill with white too. 

Remember whenever you open an element, paper etc, always
shift d to duplicate it, x out the original.
you can use any elements, scraps, etc that you prefer
this is just a guide, make it your own.  Have fun.

Open from the scrapkit - Disco Ball
copy and paste it onto your canvas.
Resize 80 %, Place towards the right side
of your canvas, duplicate and mirror so that
they are almosting touching in the middle. 
duplicate one more and move this one in the center
then move it below the other 2 disco ball layers.  I then
merged these 3 balls to one layer.   Go to raster one,
bottom layer, go to selections, select all, float, defloat,
then highlight your disco ball layer, selections, invert, tap
delete key to get rid of the excess ball layer, select none.
Open star border element, copy and paste it onto your canvas.
resize - 55 % and move it up towards the right side of canvas.
Open Butterfly 1 - resize 20 % and place up on the right side
use the deform tool to rotate it a bit to the left.
Add dropshadow to the butterfly and stars - i use 2, -2, 30, 3.00
Now you can add your tube, resize to your liking, and position.
go to the ball layer, go to selections, select all, float, defloat,
highlight your tube layer, selections invert, tap delete, don't deselect yet
go to your stars layer and tap delete, this should get rid of excess
stars and tubes that are outside the tag layer.

leave the siggy for now and go to your avatar canvas.
copy and paste the disco ball, resise it 40 %.
copy and paste your tube and resize it to your liking
go to the bottom white layer, raster 1, selections, select all,
float, defloat, highlight the tube layer, selections, invert, tap the
delete key, then highlight the disco ball layer, tap delete, selections,
select none.  Add your copyright to avatar and siggy.
now we will make the borders on both.

go back to your siggy canvas, raster 1 layer
go to selections, modify, contract, by 8, click ok
selections, invert, layer new raster layer, move it to
the top of your layers, flood fill with color of choice
i used a purple to match the tag d727ce
then go to effects - texture effects - tiles
settings i used for the tile effects are:
Hexagon, color ff80ff (pink)
Tile Ang - 75
Tile Size - 8
BorderSize - 1
Smoothness - 25
Depth - 1
Ambience - 0
Shininess - 50
Angle - 315
Intensity - 50
Elevation - 30

selections, select none.

do the same for your avatar except when you contract,
use 5 instead of 8 for a smaller border.

now for the animation effects.

close all layers except your disco ball layer and white layer
edit, copy merged, open animation shop and paste it as a new animation
duplicate this layer until you have 10 frames,
go to edit, select all, then go to Effects,  apply image effects and use
these settings:
Elapsed time is ticked
effect - underwater
Customize: - apply both
sunlight - 10
waterdepth - 10
click ok,
click ok again

view your animation to see if you like it.
for the avatar, I slowed the animation properties down by
going to Animation - frame properties - set display time at 15
but left the siggy one at 10.
keep all layers selected
go back to psp now and hide the bottom 2 layers and unhide
all the layers that you had closed.
go to edit, copymerged

back to animation shop
paste this as a new animation
then go to edit copy
then go to edit propagate paste
then working on your ten animated frame image,
go to edit, paste into selected frame, i always
zoom it in so i can position it correctly

now go view your animation to see if you like the
positioning etc.  I then save this image for a blank
naming it with your tag name and ani blank
I save it as a mng and a gif.  I always oversave my
blanks LOL.

do the same steps for your avatar and save your blanks

now you can add names by typing up the name, copying it
and paste it in animation shop as a new image, then go to
edit copy, and paste it into selected frame, it will go onto
all the frames.  if it doesn't, go to edit, propagate paste but
as we already used that for the top layers of the tag, it still
should be selected.

If you have any questions, email me at
and I will try and help you out.  you can also email me your results
if you try my tut.  Have a nice day.

Did this set while I was writing the tut, used a different PFD tube


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