Friday, May 27, 2011

Sexy Crazy Cool - FTU Frame

For this tut I used a FTU frame which you can find here
please leave some luv when downloading. 

I used a PTU tube by verymany which you can find here

Mask of choice or the mask I used by WitchysHeart called Exclusive #1 which you can find here

Font of choice or the one I used HLBrush

This is a very easy tut.  I did it for a purple & black theme in a group I participate in. 

Open a new canvas 550 x 550.  Flood fill with white.
Go to layers, new raster layer, flood fill with a color to match your tube.  I used a lighter purple ce6eef color for mine.  Open your mask.  Next go to layers, new mask and find your mask, apply.  In your layers palette, merge group. 

Open the frame and resize to your liking.  Copy and paste it above your mask layer.
Click inside the frame with your magic wand, go to selections, modify, expand by 5.
add a new layer, flood fill with black, selections invert, click delete, select none.
I then used Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - crumple with the following settings:
Crumple size 3.50
Crumple force 50
with white in the color box
Direction 60
Inclination 58
Highlight Brightness 19.47
Hightlight Size 51.20
Light Boost 50
click apply or ok.
I then duplicated the mask layer and brought the duplicated layer up above the black layer and lowered the opacity to 80.  I also added noise - go to Adjust - add/remove noise 35 uniform with the monochrome box ticked. 

All is left to do is add your tube of choice and copyright.  I clicked inside the frame with my magic wand and modified and expanded by 5, then I pasted the tube, duplicated it, brought one layer above the frame and one below, highlight the tube below and then go to selections, invert, tap your delete key, go to selections, select none.  I then highlighted the top tube and erased what I didn't want showing, dropshadow on the frame and tube if you like.  Make sure to erase any shadows on the tube if it shows on the parts you erased.  Add your copyright and save as a psp image or close out the white background layer, merge visible and save as a png.  I use the png then for adding names.  Thanks for trying my tut.

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